How To Use Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

Outdoor furniture covers help prolong your patio furniture's life by shielding it from the elements such as the sun and rain. That means you can have more barbecues and spend more time lounging by the pool without needing to buy new furniture. We've put together a set of pointers to help you make the most of your covers.

On a Windy Day, How to Prevent Covers from Flying Away or to balloon. Even if your furniture cover fits well, it can still blow off in strong winds, leaving your furniture exposed to the elements.

Cover clamps are an inexpensive and straightforward solution to this problem. Clamps secure covers, keeping furniture protected in inclement weather. In a pinch, you can fix your cover with rocks or furniture weights. Of course, boulders and weights are not intended to be used to keep your cover in place during windy circumstances and may not function properly.

High-quality furniture covers will stay in place in all weather, but employing safety clips will give an extra layer of protection that some circumstances require.

Cover Clamps: How to Use Them on Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

Put clamps on after you've placed the cover on the furniture, especially if there's a chance of rain or wind. The Gust GuardTM system secures furniture covers with a mix of bungee cords and clamps. 


To secure your furniture cover, follow these steps:


  • Secure any buckle straps or drawcords on the cover and place them over the piece of furniture.
  • You can unlock the clamp by pressing the center lever and sliding the crossbar towards the hook insert.
  • Attach the clamps to the opposite sides of the bottom of the cover. Place the clamp's teeth over the hem of the cover. Slide the crossbar towards the teeth until the clamp is securely fastened.
  • Attach a bungee cable to the front wheel or leg of the furniture. Insert the hook into the inserts of the left and proper front clamps.
  • Put the second bungee rope behind the back wheel or leg of the furniture. Attach the hook through the clamp inserts on the left and right sides.

Large Covers: How to Put on and Remove Them

Fortunately, furniture covers are flexible, making them simple to put on and take off. Working with a handful of friends or family members makes tackling huge covers as simple as it can be.

How to Put Large Covers On

  •  Look for at least one other person to help you. If you don't have somebody to assist you, you'll have to put on the cover one side at a time.
  • Assign each person a side of the cover.
  • Hold the cover over the top of the thing you wish to cover with your team.
  • Stretch the cover out and roll it down the sides of the piece of furniture.
  • Tighten the drawcord and buckle straps if the cover has those features.
  • For added security, use cover clamps.

How to Take Off Large Covers

  •  Find at least one other person to assist you. If you don't have somebody to assist you, you'll have to remove the cover one side at a time.
  • Remove the cover clamps, buckles, and drawstring.
  • With the help of your friend, carefully roll the cover off the piece of furniture.
  • If your cover is soiled, clean it to be ready for the next time you need to use it.
  • Fold and put away.

When Not Using Your Cover, Here's How to Store It

  • Clean your cover so it's ready for the next time you need it.
  • Check that your cover is dry.
  • Fold the cover over.
  • Put it in a storage bag with a cover
  • Please keep it in a garage or an outdoor storage box.
Keeping clean and protected with a durable cover while not in use helps extend the life of your furniture, allowing you to rest easy during the winter months, knowing your outside investments are secure.

Final Thought!

Your patio furniture may be a retreat for reading, resting by the pool, grilling out with family and friends, or simply enjoying the view for years to come with proper care and protection from the weather. Now that you know how to utilize a furniture cover, it's time to go shopping for patio furniture.