A Guide To Wicker Patio Furniture


What Exactly Is Wicker?

While most individuals have seen or heard of Wicker, few understand its genuine nature. As seen in the photo to the left, Wicker furniture is distinguished by a woven design of natural cane materials such as rattan, reed, bamboo, or willow. As a result, Wicker is not a material in and of itself. It is, instead, a type of furniture with a woven design and one or more cane-like materials.

Wicker has its origins in Ancient Egypt, specifically approximately 3,000 BC, which is a little-known fact. Archaeologists discovered wicker furniture made of reed and grasses in Egyptian pharaohs' tombs. The reeds and grasses utilized in the wicker furniture were indigenous to the Nile River. Egyptians manufactured wicker baskets, wig boxes, toys, and other goods in addition to furniture.

Wicker Patio Furniture Characteristics

While this may not apply to all forms of wicker furniture, most have the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight, frequently weighing only five to ten pounds
  • The armrests of wicker chairs are pretty significant.
  • Colors that are white or neutral
  • Weave design that is one-of-a-kind
  • A fashionable appearance

Wicker Furniture: Natural vs. Synthetic

Most wicker furniture is composed of natural, organic plant matter like reed or rattan. Some, on the other hand, are made of synthetic material. Synthetic wicker furniture, sometimes known as "resin wicker," comprises PVC, nylon, polyethylene, or these materials. These are the same synthetic materials seen in other types of furniture, particularly outside patio furniture.

Both natural and manufactured Wicker appear similar to the untrained eye. They feature the same woven construction and appear to be made of the same material. As opposed to the natural substance of wicker furniture, synthetic Wicker is made of inorganic, synthetic material. It is the primary distinction between the two.

Advantages of Wicker Patio Furniture

So, why should you use the wicker patio furniture? One of the most notable advantages of Wicker is its aesthetic value. Wicker furniture will complement your patio decor and create a more appealing living space with its woven design. It is also not something you will find in other types of furniture. On the contrary, only wicker furniture has this distinctive woven design, which is one of the reasons homeowners prefer it for their patio.

Wicker furniture, as previously said, is also lightweight. An oversized hardwood lounge chair may require two persons to handle, yet a single person can move wicker seats. The result is that moving shouldn't be a problem for you. You can transport your wicker furniture indoors, for example, without straining your back.

Furthermore, compared to other types of furniture, wicker furniture is relatively inexpensive. For this reason, Wicker should be considered if you want to adorn your patio without spending a fortune.

Inconveniences of Wicker Furniture

Wicker patio furniture, on the other hand, has a few drawbacks. Comparatively speaking, wicker furniture is quite vast and substantial. It shouldn't be an issue if you have a spacious patio. On the other hand, a small patio would require a different sort of furniture.

Furniture made of natural Wicker is similarly prone to harm. While synthetic resin furniture is also susceptible to damage, it is more stiff and durable than its contemporary counterparts. There is no doubt that naturally, wicker furniture will wear down over time, becoming shredded and unraveled. When this happens, there isn't always a simple solution to the issue.

Choosing Wicker Patio Furniture

Before purchasing wicker patio furniture, it's essential to plan the layout of your patio. Decide what pieces of the wicker furniture you want to use and where you want to use them, or in other words, plan. Still, you'll also find Wicker Sofas and Recliner Chairs.

On the other hand, sitting on a hard wicker surface isn't the most pleasant experience. It's a good thing that most wicker furniture makers offer comfy cushions. Depending on the firm, you may be required to pay more than usual. When using wicker furniture solely for decorative purposes, you may not need cushions. It's recommended that you invest in cushions if you plan on sitting and using the furniture, which you will.



Wicker furniture, whether natural or synthetic, is all lightweight. It should offer you a better grasp of wicker patio furniture. Furthermore, due to its lightweight nature, it may blow over during storms and harsh weather. To avoid this, you should either secure it to your patio or carry it inside before the storm.