How To Keep Patio Furniture From Rusting

Rusting is common when patio furniture is left outside for lengthy periods. Any metal furniture can rust if specific precautions are not taken, whether a chair, table, or bench. When rust attacks a piece of furniture, it can quickly eat through the metal, inflicting irreparable, complex, or impossible to cure damage. So, how can you prevent rust from forming on your outdoor furniture?


What Causes Patio Furniture Rusting?

Rust is caused by oxidation, which occurs due to oxygen and moisture exposure. Of course, this effect does not apply to everything. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by iron; in fact, steel is iron. On the other hand, rust appears only in iron-containing objects and materials. Patio furniture made of iron, steel, or other iron-containing metals may rust when exposed to dampness.


Choose non-metal furnishings.

Your furniture will not rust if it is not composed of metal. Since iron oxidizes, you may preserve your patio furniture from rust by purchasing non-metal furniture. The downside of using an alternative material is that it will likely be less intense and durable than metal.


Consider the following non-metal patio furniture materials:

  • Wicker
  • Rattan
  • Plastic
  • Resin
  • Teak
  • Polymer
  • Vinyl


Protect The Furniture

Cover your patio furniture to preserve it from the elements and rain. After only a few days of exposure, patio furniture can rust. Allowing it to rust increases the likelihood of it rusting. Store your furniture in a covered area when you're through with your patio for the evening and want to retreat indoors.

Consider investing in furniture coverings if your patio lacks a covered area for storing furniture. Covers are available at most home improvement outlets for as little as $15 per, which is a tiny thing to pay for rust prevention. Often, the covers are made of a durable and waterproof fabric that keeps your furniture dry even when it rains. To avoid corrosion, drape a cover over each piece of metal patio equipment.


It Is Necessary To Dry The Furniture.

Even if your patio furniture is covered, it is subject to rust. It is especially true if you live in a humid area like the Southeast. Humidity refers to the presence of moisture vapor in the air. When there is a significant concentration of moisture vapor in the air, the air is humid. When there is little or no moisture vapor in the air, it is dry. Water droplets can saturate the outside of metal patio furniture due to humidity. If these water droplets are not regulated, they will function as a rust catalyst, causing your furniture to corrode and decay over time. It is why you should dry your furniture by hand regularly. Dry it with a clean towel if your furniture gets wet while stored under a roof or beneath a furniture cover.


Use Rust-Resistant Coating

Anti-rust treatments can be applied to patio furniture in a variety of ways. Many paints, for example, put a water-resistant covering on metal furniture, preventing corrosion. Transparent materials are used to preserve furniture from rusting.


Make Your Furniture Shiny

Washing your patio furniture will help protect it from rusting. To remove any lingering mildew or filth, scrub your furniture with a small amount of mild dish soap and water. While mildew and grime may appear harmless, they contain significant moisture, resulting in rust. You can easily clean your patio furniture with a bit of mild soap and water.


Remove the Rust

Following these guidelines should help protect your patio furniture from rusting. But what if your furniture is already rusting? Don't just take it to the nearest dump. With a bit of elbow work, you can usually restore rusted patio furniture to its previous condition.

Scrub the afflicted area of your patio furniture with steel wool or a wire grill brush to clean and eliminate rust. Steel wool and a grill brush's abrasive properties will remove the rusted metal, revealing the uncorroded metal layers beneath. After removing the rust from your furniture, refinish it with a fresh coat of paint for added protection.



Even if your furniture isn't entirely comprised of metal, leaving it outside in the weather poses dangers. A patio furniture set can be damaged by water. Luckily, there are some things you can do to keep your patio furniture from rusting.